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On Porpoise

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We bought this game because we loved the game “Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza” so much. It is super fun and I love the fact that the “swim left” card changes the whole game up, so even if you are behind, you still have a chance at catching up. My 8 year old loves to play this game! Reviewer
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Ages 7+

3-8 Players

15 minute play time

Fast Matching Family Fun

The best dressed dolphin takes the ocean in this fast paced card game. You will be challenged by polka dots, paisley patterns and predators as you race to get rid of your cards first. Keep a look out because there are more than just sharks in the water. Catch the cards played on porpoise and you might live to tell the tale!


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Dolphin Hat GamesOn Porpoise graphic

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