Collect the most banana points before the gorillas or cards run out!

800 Pound Gorilla

Such a fun game! It has something for everyone – the coconuts and bananas are silly and trying to find the right gorilla was harder than it looked! This will definitely be in our family game night rotation from now on!

Dolphin Hat Games800 Pound Gorilla graphic
Dolphin Hat Games800 Pound Gorilla graphic
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Watch How To Play 800 Pound Gorilla
Ages 8+

3-6 Players

10-15 min play time

Come play the newest game in the Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza universe: 800 pound gorilla! Spin the spinner, find the right-size gorilla, and race to take the coconut and bananas. Your family will love how easy it is to learn and how quick the laughs start – but your eyes may deceive you in finding the 800 pound gorilla!

Fast, Fun Gameplay
The spinner decides what everyone has to do! Complete an action, yell a phrase, or find the right size gorilla! But you must be quick – there aren’t enough bananas and coconuts for everyone!


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Dolphin Hat Games800 Pound Gorilla graphic

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