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Gimme That!

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Ages 7+

3-8 Players

15 minute play time

Wild Fast Potato Fun!

Count to 50 during this wild dice rolling, family friendly game! While you are writing, the other players are rolling dice that may have them grabbing the pencil from your hand (to start counting to 50 themselves), moving your paper to the left, or just distracting you in some way.

The first person to write to 50 wins! Easy to learn, fun to play and great for all ages! This game is perfect for game night to bring people together and make fun memories!

Includes: 1 pencil, 100 spud sheets, 1 die, 20 stickers

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  1. Kids loved this game. Purchased for a 9 year old, he played with siblings (10 & 11), they had lots.of laughs. Had to explain how to play but then they played easily for about 30 minutes non stop, then wanted to play more. Great silly game, expect lots of laughs and giggles!

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  2. I’m a bit of a more serious gamer than my family. They love to get drunk and play mindless games like Yahtzee! or LCR. The game takes no skill and is just random who wins but they don’t care and now they rave about the game to everyone. As long as you don’t take yourself or the game too seriously, it’s pretty fun and lots of laughs….especially when someone gets close to winning!

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